20. 142 Throckmorton Theatre – Tuesday Stand Up Comedy Night

Tuesday night, Noah and I got out with our friends John and Michele to see Stand Up Comedy Night at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley. They’d been several times and highly recommended it, so despite the fact that it was a work night, we decided to give it a try. Were we glad we did! I am a believer that laughter is healthy, so I think I got the equivalent of eating all my vegetables for a month!

The show is MC’d by Mark Pitta, who is very funny himself, and does a great warm-up set for about 20 minutes before introducing the first act. John warned us about not sitting too close to the stage or we’d run the risk of being involuntarily part of the act, and I’m glad we took his advice. Pitta was merciless in picking on a front table (nothing mean-spirited) and got a lot of laughs. There were a total of six comedians, all men (actually, one said he was 16 and based on the young-male sex-obsessed theme of his material, I believe it). The first two acts were tenuous, the first even a bit painful, but by the third we were really laughing. The last three were absolutely terrific. I’m really looking forward to another Tuesday night when I can afford to be out until after 11:00.

To really make a night out of it, order “Reserved” tickets online ahead of time and pick the seats you want, which are reserved for you. You pay a premium, but that way you don’t have to show up early (doors open at 7:00) and reserve your seats by laying coats across them while you leave and go get dinner.  You can buy a cheese plate and wine/beer there, but when you’re surrounded by all the great restaurants downtown Mill Valley offers, my vote is to eat nearby. We chose Vasco’s and had a quick top-notch pizza and salads meal, and got back to the theatre for the 8:00 show start.

Oh, and last comment – the interior is gorgeous! A real surprise after the very plain building exterior.

Location: 142 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley 94941 (map)

Day/Time:   Tuesdays   7:00 Doors   8:00 Show


General Admission  $17.75 (e-tickets) $20.00 (at the door)

Reserved: $27.75 (e-tickets)

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