40. San Rafael Public Library

Marin County has a truly terrific network of public libraries, each with a different but wonderful character and mood.  There are two systems that operate seamlessly (well, at least from this user’s perspective): the 8-branch Marin County Free Library system and the six individual city-based libraries. The same library card gets you books and materials from any of the libraries.

The San Rafael Public Library may be the largest in the county, and there’s nothing I like better than spending time wandering through the “stacks” where all sorts of treasures lurk on the shelves. I made all my spending money in college working at two of the on-campus libraries, and that’s where my pointy-headed librarian alter-ego developed.

In addition to wandering through the books in the library, there are lots of other great things to do at the San Rafael library. They’ve recently started allowing the back-issues of magazines to circulate, so if  budget trimming has meant stopping some magazine subscriptions, you can come get them at the library.  You can also check out DVD’s for only$2.00, which is a lot cheaper than the video rental stores, and the selection is not bad.

They offer an extensive “Storytimes” program (click here for details) during the week with separate events for babies, toddlers and young children. Activities are age appropriate and include readings, songs, fingerplay. The programs change every couple of months so be sure to check the website before going. For teens, they offer two free SAT Practice Tests this Spring.

The library is closed the second Monday of every month, which is a city-wide furlough day.

And, finally, put on your calendar the Annual Movie Sing-Along Fundraiser next Thursday, Febuary 17th, at the Rafael Theatre at 6:00.

Where: 1100 E. Street, San Rafael, CA 94901 (map)


Monday: 1-8

Tuesday – Wednesday: 10-8

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10-5

(San Rafael Public Library website)

(Marin County Free Library website)

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