42. Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop

While I’m not a huge carnivore, I definitely feel more comfortable eating animal products that come from corn-free diets sans pharmaceutical inputs. And, I truly believe that I can taste the difference between grass-fed and corn-fed beef, and between industrialized and barnyard produced eggs. Add those to a desire to support local businesses, and it means that we like to purchase meat, poultry and dairy products at the Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop just outside of Point Reyes Station whenever we’re out that way.

Last time we stopped in, there was a steady stream of customers pulling up, walking in, purchasing and driving off while we casually perused the refrigerator cases’ contents. Our leisurely pace cost us, because while we were enjoying looking at everything, a far more efficient shopper reached in beside me and grabbed the last dozen eggs. Oh well, next time…

For the first time, we decided to buy some butter – a goldenrod yellow mass wrapped in waxed paper. I have to admit the flavor was kind of different. Almost cheesy, which is a bit weird when you’re using it on French Toast! It wasn’t bad, it was just, cheesy. Maybe it was something that cow ate!

The other thing we have yet to try is the burgers they serve from 12-4. The fragrance is absolutely devine, but it seems like we always have other lunch plans or we’ve already eaten whenever we stop in. But, from the reviews I’ve read, we’re really missing something special.

Where: 10905  Highway 1, Point Reyes Station, 94956 (map)

(415) 663-8997

(Marin Sun Farms website)

Hours: 11-6 Daily (Butcher Shop)

12-4 (lunch daily except Wednesdays)

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