44. Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center

Take Shoreline Highway from Mill Valley towards Muir Beach, and about 1/2 mile before you get there, you’ll see Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center down in the valley to your left. Take the hairpin turn, drive down and park in the Day Visitors lot, and walk towards the Conference Center & Office. Once there, you’ll run into very helpful staff members who will answer all your questions about what goes on at the farm, zen center and lodging facilities. They’ll also point you to the trail that bisects the farm’s gardens and heads west until it reaches Muir Beach (about a 20 minute walk).

According to the staff member we talked with, their facilities and farm actually sit on Golden Gater National Recreation Area land, so the trail is public and lots of people come and walk, ride and horseback ride regularly. Last time we were there we saw users of all these types. As you walk through the farm, you see little garden vignettes every 100 feet or so, that feel like individually designed gardens laid out one after the next. Two of them contain potted plants that are for sale. And, being a zen center, it’s all the honor system about paying because no one is there by the plants, you just take what you want and then stop in at the office to pay on your way back to your car.

They have rooms they rent, and when you stay there you get three meals a day that they make with produce they grow. People come from all over the world to stay here. And, they teach some really cool classes, like bee-keeping and bread-making.

The place is magical and peaceful, but also perfect for all the ways we enjoy the outdoors in Marin!

Horseback riders on Green Gulch Trail to Muir Beach

Where: 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach,
CA 94965 (map)
Phone: 415.383.3134

Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center website

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