79. Sausalito Houseboat Stroll

Sausalito houseboat living represents one of the most enduring vestiges of the Marin bohemian lifestyle of the last century. Taking a stroll along the docks that form the “streets” of this community is like taking a step back into that era, as well as walking through a folk art installation. While you can pay $50.00 for a guided tour of the docks and the area, there’s no reason to pay anything as the docks are open to anyone, including dogs.

Each dock is lined by the residents with potted plants of all sizes and varieties creating a wonderful riot of color, texture and fragrances. The scale of the houseboats is very human and cozy, so it feels a bit like you’ve stepped into a 3/4 sized world.

In September, there is an annual Floating Homes Tour where you get to go into about 20 unique homes. Tickets are $35 online ahead of time and $40 day of. It’s highly recommended to purchase tickets ahead of time.

There’s also an free annual floating art show (go to the Artists of Issaquah site for details), where resident artists from a number of the docks open their homes/studios for visitors. It’s on April 30th from 11-5. 

Where: Docks off of Gate 5 and Gate 6 Roads, Sausalito (map)

When: Anytime

Cost: Free!

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