90. Three Wells – Mill Valley

All this rain has given our watershed and waterways a real replentishing and refreshing. One lovely spot that seems even more Eden-like when it’s wet and cool is Three Wells, a marvelous formation of three circular cascading pools formed in rocks along the creek in Cascade Canyon, Mill Valley.

Three Wells has always been a popular destination in Mill Valley for swimming, hanging out with friends, or just sitting quietly and enjoying the rush of the water and the verdant surroundings. I have friends who grew up in Mill Valley who have many colorful memories of teenage Summer gatherings and understand it’s held its attraction with the same demographic!

I’ve found some interesting photos of this special place from over a hundred years ago, the first being a family gathered there around 1890 (Courtesy of the Lucretia Little History Room, Mill Valley Public Library) and the second a post card mailed in 1907 (found it on eBay for sale for $1.99). You can see the that the Wells and the vegetation are largely unchanged over the decades and centuries.

When it warms up, a fun activity is to zip down the natural waterslide that’s formed above the first well. Very refreshing and fun!

Where: In Cascade Creek about 100 yards below the parking lot at Cascade Falls/Cascade Park. (map)

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