98. Pizza Orgasmica – San Rafael

Pizza Orgasmica opened with a bang here in Marin in February and racked up a headline grabbing story just before it opened and then a second one right after! This is the bright yellow and green facade that created such a stir in January with some local residents and business neighbors complaining about it being too loud. I have to ask, have they not noticed that the other really garish restaurant downtown is the most successful food business in San Rafael (see #49 for details) generating a ton of visits day and night to downtown as well as payroll, sales and business taxes?

Then, the second headliner was when the manager of a pizza shop down the block was caught on camera spray painting said facade. Pizza Orgasmica could never have afforded such extensive publicity!

Ah well, back to the real reason Pizza Orgasmica appears here: it has absolutely delicious pizza, with their signature cornmeal coated crust. But more than making great pizza, they’ve created a fabulous venue for patrons of all ages, and in spite of the name, it’s a very family-friendly environment. They’ve got a kids playroom in the back that is large, open and colorful, and is invaluable for parents with young kids who need a place to burn off energy while waiting for a table or after they’ve eaten. One parent can accompany the child to the play room while the other gets to finish their meal in peace. Even in the main dining room there is a section for families with kids where the tables are low and you sit on cushions or on carpets on the floor.

But it’s also very much for grown-ups as it’s a micro-brewery too, with a section devoted to the huge stainless tanks where the beers are brewed. They ususally have about eight ales, porters, or bitters on tap and at $4.50 a pint it’s very reasonable.

They also have large screen monitors wall-mounted throughout the front of the restaurant and keep sporting events running so you can have a meal or a pint while watching a favorite team.

Where: 812 Fourth Street, San Rafael (map)

Phone: 415.457-BEER (457.2337)

Pizza Orgasmica website

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