118. The Marshall Store

Don’t let the name fool you. The Marshall Store is an awesome oyster and seafood cafe and deli perched on the edge of Tomales Bay along Highway 1. It started in 1926 as a general store for fishermen and other locals and has the flavor of an old weather-beaten  shop that has been added onto over the years in a somewhat architecturally haphazard way but with charming results. It’s famous for its oysters, which are grown at the oyster beds they own in Tomales Bay just north of the Store.

There are a couple of ways to enjoy this place. The first is to stop in and pick up fresh oysters, crab, fish or other seafood to take with you, along with some locally made bread, wine and beer. Or, and this was my preference the last time we visited, stop in and order some oysters to eat right there, either indoors at the little counter that runs along the windows looking out onto Tomales Bay, or outside at the really long polished slabs of redwood serving as an almost endless communal table along the seafront.

Their oysters are so fresh and yummy (actually, “yummy” is the term which they reserve for their homemade clam chowder, which my dad declared to be the best he’d had in years), that you may want to try them in several varieties. I had mine Rockefeller style and they were delectable. So was the garlic bread served with them, which was also very handy for soaking up the oyster juices left in the shell.

Prices are very reasonable, service is quick and friendly and atmosphere simply unbeatable. The only downside is that while they sell beer and wine, you can’t actually consume it on the premises. Oh well, it’s still pretty much perfect for an afternoon outing in Marin!

Where: 19225 Highway 1, Marshall, CA 94940 (map)

Phone: 415.663.1339 or 866.803.0926 toll free

Hours: Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm; Mon – Fri 10am – 4 pm Closed Tuesdays

The Marshall Store website

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