120. Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches

Ever since I started this blog, my son and his friends have been telling me I’ve got to write about Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches in San Rafael. It’s a favorite lunch spot of theirs.I finally got over there, and I have to agree. Definitely blog-worthy. So, here is my post about it.

Turns out it’s been around for over 18 years and has an extremely loyal following. It’s located in the heart of the Kerner Boulevard business/office park area and because of that is only open weekdays, since many of their clients are only in the area during the work-week. It’s been such a success that they’ve opened two others – one in Petaluma and the other in Santa Rosa.

What makes Michael’s special is that they bake their sourdough bread fresh daily using their own sourdough starter, but no sugars, oils or preservatives. So, it’s really fresh and tangy like good sourdough should be. Second, they roast many of the meats that they serve, including the turkey and roast beef. So, the meats have the texture, flavor and juiciness of home-roasted.

Now, admittedly, you don’t go for the dining ambiance. It’s housed in a long, one-story wing of a large office park at the corner of Kerner and Irene, squeezed between home cleaning and kitchen service outlets. You would probably miss it if you didn’t know where to look.

They’ve got 26 sandwiches to choose from, including liverwurst (I confess, I grew up on it and love it). My son’s favorite is the #2 – roast beef and swiss, and a lot of his friends like the #4 – “The Sourdough” – roast beef, roast turkey and preservative-free Idaho Ham.

One of their clients is currently doing a year-long “challenge” of ordering one sandwich every two weeks starting with #1 and going through #26, along with an evaluation of each. Now that’s an enthusiastic customer!

Where: 3095 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901. At the intersection with Irene. Enter on Irene  (map)

Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Michael’s Sourdough website

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