130. Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant

This is almost a sister-post to #92. Marin Brewing Company because these two places have the same ownership and largely the same character, products and service. Which is why when you like one, you tend to like the other. And for folks who live or work in or visit Novato, Moylan’s is the likely choice of the two.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I find it hard to find locally-owned businesses in Novato to the same extent I can find them in the rest of Marin. So, when I do find a good one, I really want to support it, to encourage more locals to venture out and start a business the community will love. Which is what Moylan’s is. A great local brewery and restaurant, with a polished, long wooden bar, lots of built-in bar tables, and several big-screens playing sporting events, all of which make for a great pub feeling. Plus, there’s a big restaurant dining area for good crowd capacity and sit-down dining.

I confess that beer is not my alcohol of choice, but I love to see it being made and smell the yeasty and beery aromas from the process. This time we watched as the steaming spent grains were shoveled with a large paddle out of the mashtun. The friend I was with knows a lot about beer making which he shared as we watched the grains continue to pour out, and it made it all the more fascinating. He had a house-made Pilsner, which he said was great.  I had a hard cider – raspberry flavored (OK, I’m a wimp), which was really refreshing. Those beverages, along with a couple of appetizers made a perfect early evening meal.

Where: 15 Rowland Way, Novato 94949 (map)

Hours:  Sat – Thur 11:30 – Midnight

Fri 11:30 – 1:00 a.m.

Moylan’s website

Phone: 415.898.4677

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