139. Joe’s Taco Lounge & Salsaria

This Mill Valley “taco lounge” is fabulous in all the right respects: food, atmosphere, service and people watching. The walls are covered with religious icons, photos, an alter with statuary, and a shelf jammed full of every hot sauce possible running around the inside. Diners are free to get up and grab whichever hot sauce they want for their meal.

I just love the food, and their lunch specials are a real value. Today I got the chicken fajitas plate, which comes with all the right sides – guacamole (with lots of lime!), sour creme, a smoky salsa, and a fresh salsa cruda, plus delicious rice and refried beans. Starved as I was, I could only eat about 2/3 of it, which means it was a big serving, because I can put it away!

On warm days, it’s really nice to sit outside at the few sidewalk tables, but they can’t serve alcohol there so if it’s beer you’re after, you’ve got to sit inside. Inside, you’ve got your choice of a great counter, which is a favorite of the many individual diners who come in, or lots of tables around the perimeter. If you’re eating by yourself, you can usually find a seat at the counter without waiting.

The service is so prompt, I’ve seen people come in, order, eat, pay and leave within about 20 minutes, motivated by the fact that they parked in the near-by 15 minute zone. Not recommended unless you’re grabbing your meal “to-go”. And, since it’s such a cool place to hang out, why rush?

Where: 382 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941 (map)

Hours: Sun – Thurs 11:30 – 9:00; Fri – Sat 11:30 – 10:00

Phone: 415.383.8164

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