154. Woodlands Cafe

You wouldn’t think that in June we’d be looking for warm and cozy restaurants to sit and watch a roaring fire, but that’s exactly the case. A great place to find both that roaring fire and great food to warm you up is the Woodlands Cafe, Kentfield.

This spot opened up about a year and a half ago, and has been really popular ever since. I first tried it for breakfast, then lunch and finally dinner. Their relationship to the Woodlands Market gives them great access to all of the delicious baked goods from the bakery next door, plus everything else that they prepare in the restaurant, from pancakes and omelettes for breakfast to Italian oven baked pizza and poached salmon for dinner.

They also have a walk-up ice cream counter, and have absolutely delicious flavors prepared gelato-style, which they make on site using local organic milk & cream. Lots of folks (even in cold weather) walk in just for a cone or cup.

I really enjoy the choice of indoor or outdoor dining, which they offer regardless of the weather. Of course, the outdoor patio dining in rainy weather means that the heavy clear plastic window walls are pulled down and the heat lamps turned up, so that you can eat outside in comfort. But that dining room is best on a warm sunny day when the walls are up and the warm air and sunshine surround you under the patio roof.

Where: 799 College Avenue, Kentfield, CA 94904 (map)


Hours: Mon – Thu 8-8 / Fri 8-9 / Sat 7-9 / Sun 10-4

Phone: 415.457.8163

Woodlands Cafe website

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