168. Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

I ate recently at the Iron Springs Pub & Brewery with family and friends, and we all agreed it’s a great place to go for a solid meal, good beer and a great atmosphere. Especially now that the weather is warm, days are long and cyclists are out ’til all hours, the restaurant and bar both stay lively late into the night. It has the most “pub-like” ambiance of any of the spots I’ve eaten at so far in Marin, where it’s a very casual, local crowd with a great mix of families and ages. One definitely gets the feeling that a lot of the people there planned their evening earlier today with a call/email/text to someone else saying “let’s meet at Iron Springs tonight”.

I highly recommend the hot buffalo wings for starters – delicious! Burgers are great, and their pulled pork sandwich is really popular too. The Fuji apple salad is great (1/2 size) if you’ve already stuffed yourself on appetizers (like the fried calamari – yum).

They only serve house-made beers, and they’ve got 13 currently on tap. According to the beer lovers I have gone with, (I confess I’m not a beer drinker.), they are in the “lighter” style.

One of the very cool things they do is their “Give Back Tuesdays” where they donate a portion of their Tuesday night receipts to local non-profits. Last year they gave away over $15,000 – awesome. I’d love to see more businesses follow this model.

Wednesday nights feature live music, and they’ve got a variety of specials on different days of the week. Check it out on their calendar of events.

Where: 765 Center Blvd., Fairfax, CA 94960 (map)

Hours: Open 7 days/week

Open Sun-Thurs at 4:00

Open Fri-Sat at Noon

Phone: 415.485.1005

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery website

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