172. Corte Madera Creek Multi-Use Path

There’s a wonderful walking/biking/running path in Kentfield that runs along Corte Madera Creek from Bon Air Road at the east end to the bridge crossing at Kent Middle School on the west (where Stadium Avenue deadends). Because it runs along the creek, and has marshes for a good ways on the other side, you’re really walking right through the middle of a nature area, with lots of egrets, ducks, geese, herons, gulls, etc., all around you.

The trail surface is paved, and is in excellent condition most of the way. There are pooper-scooper bag dispensers at either end, so it’s an easy choice for a dog-walking outing. There are also a number of park benches, drinking fountains and garbage cans so it’s really user friendly and great for a relaxing outing away from traffic.

The path is also part of the route that cyclists like to take from as far west as Fairfax to get to and from the ferry, so you see lots of commuting bikers on early weekday mornings and evenings. If you like to walk for exercise, you’ll have a lot of company at almost any time of day. Weekends finds it well used by families with small kids on trikes and bikes, as well as lots of strollers or baby joggers.

The path continues on westward past College Avenue through the College of Marin, but the creek is concreted in by that point, and most of the charm of the path is gone.

Where: Along Corte Madera Creek between Bon Air Road, Greenbrae, and College Avenue, Kentfield (map)

Parking: There’s limited on-street parking on Bon Air Road in front of Hal Brown Park at Creekside

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