180. Hawk Hill

I was out on Broker Tour today and got a great recommendation from a colleague for a hike and vantage point of note. I had heard of this place but had never been, and it turns out that it’s really easy to get to from a couple of different directions, and it’s really worth getting to for the views and tranquility, as you can see above. I’m talking about Hawk Hill in Mill Valley.

There are two ways to get there. The easiest is from the end of Stanford Avenue, where you can park on a fairly wide street (for Mill Valley, that is), and walk up the fire road right to the top. From Joyce Way, it’s very easy to miss the narrow stairs that vanish into trees and bushes very quickly. In fact, I walked right by them and luckily sensed that I had missed something so asked another walker and was pointed back to them. She indicated the trail was “a little overgrown” which turned out to be an understatement. But, I had on long pants and shirt, and raised my arms in front of my face as I pushed my way through a pretty constant stream of bushes and grasses shoulder or head high. I emerged without scratches or ticks!

And what a wonderful place to emerge! Hawk Hill is a bald hilltop with two wooden benches on opposite sides of the hilltop, and glorious views of the Bay and the East Bay all the way to Mt. Diablo. You can see Tiburon, Sausalito, Angel Island, the Bay Bridge and more, with the water and sky deep blue. My only regret was that I hadn’t brought a book to enjoy while spending time there. Ah well, next time…

Where: Access Hawk Hill from Stanford Avenue or Joyce Way in Mill Valley, CA (map)

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