254. Prima Palate

There’s something so seductive about the outdoor tables at Prima Palate wine bar. They just seem to beckon with a “now wouldn’t you rather be sitting here, relaxing and sipping wine, than doing whatever else it is that you’re rushing off to right now”? Ah, yes, the dappled sunlight and wine-cave cool interior beyond draw you over and then you relax into it, giving way to the comfort of the smooth wooden chair and picking up the list of the daily offerings.

And that’s how it goes for most of the patrons at this wonderful little Ark Row wine bar, a number of them visitors but even more of them locals. They come for this marvelous ambiance and of course for the wonderful wine selections offered.  In addition to the wine bar, Prima Palate is also a wonderful wine shop and imported gourmet food emporium, with the foods being mainly from Italy. And while the wines are also dominated by Italians, they also have French and German.

Each day they offer four white, four red, and a couple of sparkling wines to drink as part of a flight or by the glass. They also serve the best Belini I’ve ever had, using California peach puree as the base and then pouring sparkling wine into it – yum! They also offer cheese plates, so that you have a bit to nibble on while you enjoy your wine.

Where: 84 Main Street, Tiburon, CA 94960 (map)

Hours: Tue – Sat: 11 – 7 / Sun: 11 – 6

Phone: 415.889.8998

Prima Palate website

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