361. Modern Sailing School and Club

As I look at what I’d like to accomplish in 2012, one of the most fun, but kind of scary, is my plan to learn how to sail. My husband took it up this year and has been bitten by the sailing bug, and is eager for a shipmate. Living in Marin presents us with easy access to sailing opportunities, with many friends who sail and great sailing schools to learn from. Noah learned from Sausalito’s Modern Sailing School and Club, and is now taking sailboats out on the Bay with other sailing budding. If the idea of learning to sail isn’t appealing, but sailing on the Bay as a passenger is, they offer Club Sails on the Bay when everyone is welcome.

Modern Sailing makes learning to sail easy and affordable. They have different class schedules to accommodate both weekday and weekend schedules, and they offer the graduated classes frequently enough that you can plan your course schedule out so that you achieve proficiency within a season. After just a few courses you can earn your certificate to take out sailboats up to 32 feet in length which, in my newbie’s eyes, is a pretty big boat!

Where: 2310 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965 (map)

Calendar of Classes and Club Sails

Modern Sailing website

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