365. 2011 in Review – What’s Next?

In 2011, through this daily blog, 365 Things to Do in Marin, I came to know and understand Marin County’s almost endless outdoor, dining, entertainment and leisure activities in great depth. I have developed tremendous appreciation for the incredibly easy, ready access we have to Marin’s natural environment from every single Marin community, and for how this adds to the richness and enjoyment of our lives here.  I understand how unique this is compared to other counties in the Bay Area, and to most in the country. I have become an even more passionate and vocal fan of our Marin lifestyle, which focuses on nature, excellent food, and the leisurely activities available to us here.

I’m gratified that this blog was viewed over 38,000 times this year and that yesterday’s post was viewed by 365 people (should I read something into that?). The most popular blog this year? #150: Hippie Tree. That post has been viewed almost 500 times, with 99 of them this December. It’s been really interesting looking at which posts are the most popular. Some are not surprising, some totally are. I hope that whenever you’ve looked or will be looking for something fun to do in Marin, this site has been and will continue to be a valuable resource for you.

My plans for my blog in 2012? Big, of course. I will now be writing three weekly blogs, all connected.  I will continue building 365 Things to Do in Marin blog with a weekly post, and will also add two that focus on my profession and passion: real estate.

As a highly experienced and successful real estate broker, I have much real estate wisdom and valuable market insights to share. I love analyzing, uncovering and sharing information and perspectives that help buyers and sellers make the best decisions possible about where and when to buy and sell property. To those ends, I will have a weekly blog about real estate in Marin about a particular neighborhood in Marin.

Stay tuned as I launch my new blog format and have fun reading and learning more about Marin. Your feedback and input is always welcome and much appreciated.

About Anne Mosnier Kennedy (374 Articles)
Real Estate Broker / Cal-Haas MBA / Architect / Real Estate Investment Instructor

1 Comment on 365. 2011 in Review – What’s Next?

  1. Noah Kennedy // December 31, 2011 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Congrats on a great years effort!

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