Blue Waters Kayaking – Tomales Bay

Many of us have driven up one side or the other of Tomales Bay, but few have ever been out on it, possibly because they didn’t know that there’s an easy, fun and affordable way to accomplish this. I’m talking about kayaking, and Blue Waters Kayaking specifically, with locations at both Marshall and Inverness.

Being out on the water is absolutely magical. It’s incredibly quiet (except when it’s windy), and you’re completely immersed in nature. Wildlife will be right up close to you, and you’ll likely have seals popping up to watch you, all sorts of bird flying, swimming or fishing near by, and amazing views of the land around the bay.

There are a lot of ways you can structure your outing. Your first option is to simply rent a kayak, which comes with a kayak lesson and all the equipment and outfittings you’ll need. If you want to rent a closed deck (sit-in) kayak, one person in the kayak has to be SKB certified (sea kayak basic skills). They do offer an all-day class for this certification. Open deck kayaks, on the other hand, can be rented by anyone.

Your second option is to take a guided tour, which is a terrific way to explore the bay with someone who is incredibly knowledgeable about where to go and what it is you’ll be seeing. They have a number of different tours of different parts of the bay including a Full Moon tour that is very popular (and romantic).

Also, you can rent from one location and drop your kayak off at the other, and they’ll drive you back to your car.

Where: At the Marshall Boat Works, Marshall (map)

At the Tomales Bay Resort, Inverness (map)

Phone: 415.669.2600

Blue Waters Kayaking website


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