Marin Coffee Roasters & Cafe (San Anselmo)

This San Anselmo main street coffee spot / cafe is right on one of the most popular bike routes through Central Marin out to the Coast. So, naturally, it is always packed weekend mornings with lots of spandex-clad cyclists refueling with coffee and pastries. There are lots of families with young kids, singles and couples of all ages, and even the occasional teenager. During the week it tends to be a somewhat different crowd, with a lot of self-employed, laptop wielding patrons who grab a coffee and settle in for a few hours using the free wi-fi.

The appeal is the very casual Marin vibe, the excellent coffee drinks, and the people watching scene. The breakfast pastries are good, too, and I hear the breakfast burritos/wraps are great, but I’m a pastry gal so I haven’t tried those. Even if you’re in a car but headed out to the Coast for a day trip, it’s a great place to fuel up for the drive or hike ahead.

There are lots of tables inside, and some also outside in the front and on the side in the paved alley. You’ll also find bike stands and plenty of room to park your bike while you dine. On weekends they have live music (usually a guitarist) which most customers seem to enjoy.

Where: 546 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960 (map)

Hours: Mon-Th 6:00 – 6:00     Fri-Sat 6:00 – 7:00     Sun 6:30-6:00

(415) 258-9549


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