Donut Alley (Larkspur)

I have a weakness for donuts. I always have. Donuts used to be my reward for sitting through a seemingly interminable Sunday mass. Then they became the early morning Drill Team rendezvous. Then they were the late night dorm study run. Then they got me through my couldn’t-get-enough-to-eat pregnancies. They are probably my truest comfort food.

So, when we moved to Larkspur, imagine my pure delight to find Donut Alley – not just a donut shop, but one where the donuts are handmade daily, by the owner, and served up with freshly made gourmet coffee.

Donut Alley has an almost cult-like following. Everyone who’s ever been there loves it. I think the fact that it’s only open from 6:00 – noon Tuesday through Sunday keeps them tantalizingly hard to come by, so it makes it hard to burn out on them.

Our family members each have a different favorite: glazed old fashioned, cinnamon roll, apple fritter, and chocolate-covered raised. They make all the standard varieties, including donut holes (always a favorite with kids), and they make a giant apple fritter that you can buy and cut up and serve like a coffee cake. Prices are great, too, so buying a dozen doesn’t break the bank.

Where: 471 Magnolia Avenue (back off the street in a small parking lot) (map)

Hours: 6:00-noon, Tuesday-Sunday

Phone: 415.924.4339

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