Rustic Bakery (Larkspur)

I ran into the owner of Rustic Bakery, Carol LeValley, as I was photographing the sign outside their Larkspur bakery. I was glad I did, because I found out how this top notch bakery is expanding in not one but two new locations – Novato (new cafe in addition to their wholesale bakery), plus a new retail location in the newly re-named Larkspur Country Mart (formerly Larkspur Landing). I had seen them at the Farmers Market there on Saturday mornings but didn’t realize they had permanent plans for that location. She told me that that location will have a special bread-only oven, which she said was making her, a self-described “bread-nerd”, really excited.

A lot of people recognize the “Rustic Bakery” label from the artisan flat-breads and crackers/crostini that they sell through a lot of the higher-end grocery stores in the Bay Area. But, I actually found them because of walking my dog by and being floored by the aromas wafting out the door. Once inside (it was morning), I had to have an almond croisant, which was to die for. Their morning buns are also fabulous.

They’ve got an outstanding on-line store, including beautiful gift sets.


1139 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur (map)

Hours: 7:00-5:00 daily

1407 Grant Avenue,

Novato (map)

Hours: 7:00-5:00 daily

Marin Country Mart – 2017 Larkspur Landing Circle,

Larkspur (map)

Hours: 7:00-6:00 daily

Rustic Bakery On-Line Store

Rustic Bakery Larkpur Cafe

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