Morningstar Farms

For every horse owner out there, there are many  more of us who simply love horses and cherish the idea of learning how to ride or exposing our children to horseback riding or learning how to be around and care for horses comfortably. Morningstar Farms in Novato is a great place to have any of those experiences, and offers others as well.

Here you can get on a horse for the first time and learn the basics, or you can take more advanced lessons in riding, jumping or dressage. If you are looking for something fun to do for your kid’s birthday, they have Pony Parties for kids from 3 – 9 years old, with pony rides, a pony for the kids to groom and decorate, and a petting zoo with rabbits, goats, and a very fat pig!

It’s tucked into a corner of O’Hair Park in Novato, in a quiet setting with oak covered hills in the background. It has that wonderful horsey-smell to it, which always brings back great memories for me. It’s a great place to create your own horse-centered memories, too.

Where: 885 Sutro Avenue, Novato, CA 94947 – at the corner of Novato Boulevard where San Marin Drive becomes Sutro Avenue (map)

Phone: 415.897.1633

Morningstar Farms website

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