Sausalito Waterfront Dog Park

Recently, some friends shared a favorite Marin spot with me and I’m glad to share with everyone else. It’s a waterfront dog park in Sausalito that you’d never find if someone didn’t tell you exactly where to go. And, even then, you have to trust their directions because you’re going to encounter a sign saying you’re entering a private yacht harbor, as well as a large asphalt parking lot that you can’t see any greenery beyond. Yet, nevertheless, you proceed forward and at the other side is the dog park!

The dog park is an unglamorous spit of land that juts out into the Bay, with marinas flanking it on either side. It’s a fabulous location for sitting and enjoying a gorgeous view while your dog runs around. There are benches along the walkway that goes all the way out to the end. Sometimes you see people just sitting, reading, or fishing, too. You don’t even need a dog to come enjoy this place.

Since the parking lot is private, park along Harbor Drive just before the parking lot entrance.

Where: Past the end of Harbor Drive, across the Clipper Yacht Harbor parking lot, Sausalito, CA 94965 (map)

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