348. Vasco

My colleague, Kathy Bloodworth, of Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design, and I wrapped up our meeting with a new client today and made a last minute decision to grab a quick and early dinner in downtown Mill Valley; she suggested Vasco. Since Mill Valley is long her stomping grounds, she’s been here countless times over the years and knows both the owner, Paul, and his brother-in-law and bartender, Steve. Kathy describes it as “a real locals’ hang-out”, which I feel is among the highest compliments a restaurant can get.

Vasco has been a successful restaurant for over a dozen years, replacing several restaurants that didn’t stand the test of time. It has built a loyal following by having a solid and tasty Italian menu with high quality ingredients and very friendly service. I like being able to eat at a bar where you can order anything from the menu, not just drinks and appetizers, and if you feel like hot mint tea (which I did), they’ve got that, too. It feels very cozy and pub-like in that way.

We enjoyed their crunchy fried calamari first and then split their pizza verdura, which had just the right roasted veggies and tangy tomato sauce. I look forward to my next visit!

Where: 106 Throckmorton Street, Mill Valley, CA 94941 (map)


  • Sun – Thur: 5:00 – 10:00
  • Fri – Sat: 5:00 – 11:00

Phone: 415.381.3343

website: www.vascomillvalley.com (currently down – hope to see it back up soon!)

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