Magical Waterfalls in Marin

The abundance of rain we have received recently has brought to life the magnificent waterfalls in Marin County.  The waterfalls are fully flowing this time of year and we have picked our favorites to share with you.   There are hikes for all ages and fitness levels as well as hikes to bring along your pooch.

  • Cataract Falls Trail LoopCataract Falls Mt. Tamalpais

Cataract falls is a dog friendly 2.6 mile hike located in Fairfax.  To get there, park at the Rock Spring trailhead and follow the Cataract Trail through a magical landscape of ferns, firs, moss-covered rocks, sprawling oak trees, and Cataract Creek running alongside.   The trail follows Cataract Creek from 1,970 feet in elevation down to Alpine Lake at 650 feet.

  • Alamere FallsAlamere Falls. April 19, 2006.

Alamere Falls is one of only two waterfalls in California that empties out into the Pacific Ocean.  This one is a particular favorite.  Part of the Point Reyes National Seashore, Alamere Falls spills over a 30 foot tall cliff, emptying out on Wildcat Beach.  One of the longer hikes on our list, Alamere Falls is 13 miles round-trip.  No dogs allowed. Sorry pooches.  Moderate difficulty

  • Waterfall Trail Cataract Falls Mt. Tamalpais

    The Waterfall Trail is located in Indian Valley.  This hike is the shortest and easiest hike on our list…about a 1/2 mile.  To get there, take the Indian Valley Fire Road from either the Indian Valley Road trail head or from the back of College of Marin’s Indian Valley Campus to where it meets Waterfall Trail.  There you will find a little wooden bridge into the woods.

  • Little Carson FallsCarson Falls

    Little Carson Falls is a 3.4 mile round-trip dog friendly hike outside of Fairfax hidden in a small canyon on the north flank of Mount Tamalpais.  Carson Falls features a series of four free falls and cascades in a boulder-lined (basalt) gorge, with a 35- to 40-foot free fall at its base

  • Cascade Falls in Mill ValleyCataract Falls Mt. Tamalpais

    Cascade Falls in Mill Valley is a ¼ mile round trip dog and kid friendly hike.  This hike can be reached from downtown Mill Valley.


Have fun exploring new places and the nature that Marin County offers!

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