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226. Dogbone Meadow

Novato’s Dogbone Meadow is a wonderful dog park that is big, clean, well-maintained and enclosed, plus has dog exercise/play stations around the perimeter of the big grassy lawn. The play stations are called “BarkPark” and look to me like they’re kind of a cross between an equestrian steeple chase course and a human parcourse.

The BarkPark has seven stations with equipment that can be used to give a wider variety of play activities or as teaching aids.  There are several that are climbing structures, a couple that aid in teaching jumping, another for crawling and a couple to teach obedience. I have to admit that not many people seem to use them, but rather spend their time throwing balls to their dog or sitting on benches reading while their dogs roam and romp with other dogs.

If you want to get more involved with this facility and the folks and dogs who use it, there are two upcoming events (at right).

Where: On Novato Boulevard, 1/4 mile west of Sutro and San Marin Avenues, Novato CA 94947 (map)

Hours: Daily from Sunrise to Sunset

Dogbone Meadow web page

89. Red Hill Community Dog Park

A couple of years ago, unused school district land was converted into Red Hill Community Park, and one of the dedicated areas created was the Red Hill Community Dog Park. The area was already being used unofficially a a dog park, but the new dog park is much more dog- and people-friendly.

The dog park is a completely enclosed fenced-in field for off-leash fun for the dogs and peace of mind for the owners. There are benches, trash cans and pooper-scooper dispensers. There are also, of course, rules, but they are less restrictive than those at the Marin Humane Society dog parks. For example, one individual may bring up to six dogs, versus only two at the Human Society facilities.

The Friends of Red Hill Community Park are still working on raising money for Phase II of the park development, which will include more trees and benches for the dog park. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, click here for the contact information of the appropriate people at Friends of Red Hill Community Park.

Where: Between Shaw and Sunny Hills Drives behind Red Hill Shopping Center (map). Parking available on both streets at dog park.

Hours: Open from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset

Red Hill Community Dog Park website