100. Bike the Golden Gate

For my one-hundreth post, I wanted to make sure it was one of my most favorite things to do in Marin. So, that’s what this post represents. I absolutely love crossing the Golden Gate, especially on my bicycle. But I also love walking across it and driving it. Every time I approach the bridge I get a big smile on my face and think something sappy like, “Pinch me – do I really live here? One of the most popular places on Earth to visit and I get to come here all the time? Wow, am I lucky!”

So, a couple of things to know about riding your bike from Marin across the most famous bridge in the world. See this sign – it tells you that the western side of the bridge is reserved for cyclists on the weekends. At our Marin end of the Golden Gate, if you park in the newly re-opened parking lot on the west side of the bridge (which is the only lot available if you’re approaching from the north on 101) and if you’re on foot, use the stairs and connecting foot bridge down under the Golden Gate that takes you from the west side to the east side, where you can walk across the Golden Gate. The idea is to keep bikes and pedestrians separate during high volume times, which the weekends certainly are.

The ride itself feels completely safe and for the most part other cyclists are friendly and polite. There will be a million tourists on cruiser rental bikes from San Francisco – and you may be asked to take their photos (always cool).

Note: Bridge sidewalks will be closed from 6:30 -11:00 a.m. today and next Sunday, 4/17 due to special events!

Enjoy your ride!

Where: North/Marin end of the Golden Gate Bridge, on the west side of 101.

Parking: Small lot adjacent to the start of the bridge (take the last Sausalito/Marin Headlands exit from 101 just before the bridge)

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