Tiburon Bike Path

There are countless great bike rides in Marin, but the bike path that starts at Blackies Pasture, runs along Richardson Bay through Linear Park along Tiburon Boulevard and ends in downtown Tiburon at Shoreline Park is one of the most beautiful and accessible in the county. It’s perfect for families with young kids, because the path is wide and gentle enough that one parent can be pushing a stroller while the other guides a newbie two-wheeler.  Self-sufficient but younger riders can easily complete the distance (a little over 2-1/2 miles) with no huge hills to climb. Dogs are welcome, too, so the whole “family” can get out for fresh air. And, the parks along the way provide great resting opportunities or turn-around points if the kids have reached their limit.

At the same time, plenty of highly accomplished riders take this route as part of the longer and more strenuous Tiburon Blvd-Paradise Drive loop, where one can continue on Tiburon Boulevard past downtown, ride along Paradise Drive all around the peninsula, past Paradise Beach County Park and connect back to Tiburon Boulevard via Trestle Glen Boulevard. I’m no great rider, but I’ve done the loop a couple of times and it’s a lot of fun, beautiful, and great exercise. Seriously athletic riders do the loop (just a bit over 8-1/2 miles) more than once and I’ve been “looped” on Paradise Drive by some of them – always hoping they’re not noticing me as much as I notice them!

Easy Route (relatively short and relatively flat):   Blackies Pasture (A) to Tiburon Linear Park (B) to Shoreline Park (C) (2.7 miles one way)

Hard Route (lots of hills and winding roads – watch for cars): Blackies Pasture (A) to Tiburon Linear Park (B) to Shoreline Park (C) to Paradise Beach County Park  (D) back to Blackies Pasture (A) (8.7 miles loop)


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