M&G Burgers

My whole family has a serious weakness for hamburgers. When we moved to Larkspur, the first burgers we ever ordered were from the M & G Burger right down the street from where we were renting, and we’ve kept going back for burger runs ever since. M & G’s burgers are wonderfully thick and always served up fresh and hot off the grill. It’s a classic, straightforward burger joint, so pile on the toppings and make sure you stock up on napkins!

M & G Burgers does have a menu that goes beyond burgers, and the rest of it is very good, too. Though I’m not a vegetarian, I often get their veggie burger, which is delicious. They also make very good fries, and I really enjoy their chocolate milkshakes.

M & G Burgers has two Marin County locations, one in Larkspur and the original in Fairfax. The Larkspur location is a favorite lunch spot for the Redwood High / College of Marin / Marin General crowd. Fairfax is really popular with Drake students at lunch. It’s great place to take kids, who love both the food and the continuous classic cartoons showing on the TVs inside. If you go in the evening, there will occasionally be a bit of line.

Update: I went in today for lunch to grab a burger and took this picture. This is Gonzalo; he’s been working at the Larkspur M&G for 3 and a half years, and he told me about some of his customers who come in every day and order exactly the same thing. Crazy, huh?


Larkspur: 989 Magnolia Avenue  (Map)

Fairfax: 2017 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard  (Map)

Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Larkspur: (415) 461-2211

Fairfax: (415) 454-0655

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